Our special child therapy programs follow a step by step process which helps match the child’s needs with the right kind of services: assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation. We never shift our focus on these vital elements that, throughout the years, prove to make possible high success rates.

  • Assessment: A developmental evaluation of your child allows us to make a customized intervention team and plan.
  • Enrichment: We are committed to help the development of each child in a fun, safe, and encouraging environment. We engage your child in activities that give meaning and purpose to their world.
  • Integration: Our family-centered approach, open and engaging sessions, provide a unique collaborative environment in which your child’s development is enhanced.

How Can Occupational/Speech/Physical Therapy Help?

  • Improve balance, coordination, strength, and/or motor planning (praxis) skills.
  • Develop fine motor skills and/or handwriting skills.
  • Address hand-eye coordination (hitting a target, batting a ball, copying from a blackboard, etc.).
  • Learn daily living skills (bathing, dressing, grooming, and feeding).
  • Use specialized equipment such as wheelchairs, cane, walker, bathing equipment, dressing devices, or communication aids.
  • Improve issues with sensory processing, attention, and concentration, as well as fine motor skills, visual motor skills, and much more.

Our therapy programs are inclusive of playing games and integrative fun where there is morale training and parental involvement. Safety and security around the center is given high importance, as manifested by an always-on-duty security personnel, visitor log-ins, and a strict child guardianship policy where authorization is always asked for non-guardians to be able to pick up a child after a day’s session.

We offer a pleasant environment with a welcoming atmosphere full of caring people. Set an appointment today or swing by our office during our business hours to meet our staff in person.


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