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Providing fresh avenues for child development and progress is what we do with excellence at KidsCare Therapy Center, Inc. We are a specialized pediatric therapy care provider, catering to the needs of children who have issues with physical coordination, speech, and motor skills. With a team of expert therapists and child specialists, we are able to create patient-mediated plan designs and services oriented to the most beneficial outcomes for our little clients.

We utilize play and fun in our approach, favoring organized assessment, enrichment, and integration to create a worthwhile experience tailored to their ever-changing needs. Currently, we offer Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services with various custom options. Contact us today so we can discuss over your plans for your little ones.

Advanced Pediatric Therapy Services

Our special child therapy programs follow a step by step process which helps match the child’s needs with the right kind of services: assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation.

We never shift our focus on these vital elements that, throughout the years, prove to make possible high success rates.

How Might Occupational/Speech/Physical Therapy Help?

Our therapy programs are inclusive of playing games and integrative fun where there is morale training and parental involvement.

Safety and security around the center is given high importance, as manifested by an always-on-duty security personnel, visitor log-ins, and a strict child guardianship policy where authorization is always asked for non-guardians to be able to pick up a child after a day’s session.

We offer a pleasant environment with a welcoming atmosphere full of caring people

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